Sewer Inspection & Testing

BL Plumbing uses advanced video pipe inspection tools and techniques to detect plumbing problems hidden within a home’s plumbing and sewer lines. Our licensed plumbers use state of the art pipe sewer inspection cameras to accurately pinpoint and diagnose leaks, clogs, and pipe breaks. This new technique saves time and money by accurately finding the source in a quick and non-invasive way.

How Does a Video Pipe Sewer Inspection Work?

Pipe camera sewer inspection are a recent and advanced form of plumbing diagnostic technology. We use it to determine the best course of action for your home. The pipe inspection camera is made up of a fiber optic line and a high definition video camera. This is slowly snaked through the sewer, pipe, or plumbing line to discern where the problem is located. The line can even be utilized to provide a quick, inexpensive fix to minor repair issues.

Benefits of a Video Pipe Inspection

• Tree root infiltration
• Blockage points and clogged drains
• Small leaks and fissures
• Damaged, cracked or broken pipes
• Pipe corrosion