BL Plumbing in Peoria, Illinois is the only plumbing partner you will ever need. We have more than 30 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry, with certified experts ready to handle any task that comes our way. Bathroom plumbing is a convenience that gets little attention when everything operates as it should. But it does not take long to notice any problems that may pop up. Our team is happy to come out, assess the issue and resolve it ASAP. Call 309-657-5810 today for any immediate needs you may have. We can also handle routine plumbing requests in Peoria County and the surrounding area. If you need to install a sink, repair a shower or faucet, or insulate your pipes, rely on our professionals for all your bathroom plumbing needs. 

Faucet Repair and Installation

Has a leaky faucet finally pushed you to your breaking point and you can no longer stand the constant dripping sounds or puddles on your vanity? If your faucet is broken, leaking or just plain does not match the look of your bathroom, let our team of plumbers fix or replace it for you. We will arrive at your home equipped with all of the tools necessary to complete the job. If you want us to fix your leak without replacing the current equipment, we will do so. If you want us to replace your old faucet with a new, stylish one, we can do that as well.

Shower Faucet and Drain Repair and Installation

A shower can be a relaxing way to unwind following a long day’s work. But if your shower head barely produces a trickle or your drain is inefficient, your shower experience will be less than satisfying. No one wants to struggle to rinse away soap because of a poor shower faucet. Worse yet, a shower will be ruined if you are standing in ankle-deep water because of an improperly functioning drain system. Do not allow either of these miserable scenarios to happen in your home. BL Plumbing will remedy the issue that is causing the unwanted flooding in your tub or install a new shower faucet to restore your desired water pressure. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Toilet Repair and Installation

BL Plumbing has extensive experience dealing with backed-up toilets and can ensure that you avoid the mess and stress associated with one of your own. We provide same-day emergency plumbing services for many toilet-related problems. However, if your toilet is beyond repair, we can also quickly and efficiently install a replacement to guarantee your bathroom is operational as soon as possible.

Shower Repair & Bathtub Installations

BL Plumbing is your one stop plumber when it comes to bathroom plumbing. We are happy to install easy-access bathtubs and showers for those with mobility concerns, new showers to replace your dull versions, or fancy tubs that fit your style and help you enjoy a relaxing getaway to your bathroom oasis. In addition to installation services, we can repair or replace shower valves and resolve water pressure issues.