Drain Cleaning & Replacement

Heavily blocked or clogged drains can not only be a nuisance, but can also lead to flooding, foul smells, and possible damage to your external and internal pipework. Typically, drains blockage is as a result of commercial or household waste, like food waste, grease, hair, soap, and bacteria building up in the pipework. We normally deal with blocked showers and baths, blocked sinks, and also blocked exterior drains.

Our professionally licensed plumbers use several effective drain cleaning methods and have a number of ways of flushing pipes so as to get rid of the waste and other build-up deposits. We utilize a chemical mixture that can effectively “eat up” the blockage-causing deposits and the make use of highly pressured hot water to completely clean and sterilize the infected pipes. It is important to handle the chemicals used in our cleaning process carefully or rather, as directed and by an expert, as they are highly corrosive.

Should you be in a situation whereby clearing the blockage on your own is proving to be a challenge, you need to seek the services of a professional. As a leading company in providing solutions for blocked drains, we have the knowledge and experience to quickly get the job done. We are centrally located and are fully mobile to have your problem worked on within the same day.