It's not uncommon for homes in the Peoria area to develop problems with kitchen and sink drains once each year, so regularly cleaning these drains is an important task. Our professionals use the highest quality tools and most up-to-date procedures to thoroughly clean your kitchen drain and ensure that your sink has excellent functionality at all times.

Signs of Clogged Kitchen or Laundry Sink Drains

  • - Water backs up out of a sink drain.
  • - Gurgling sounds come from the drains, especially running a washing machine or dishwasher.
  • - Mysterious puddles of water appear on the floor near tubs or sinks.
  • - You notice a rotting food smell coming your Peoria home's kitchen sink drain or disposal.

Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning Professionals

The constant draining of grease, soap, and food waste can add up quickly and cause your home's kitchen drains to clog and run slowly over time. If you notice that your kitchen drains are running more and more slowly, there's a good chance that a clog is beginning to develop, and you should call our experts as soon as possible to have the blockage located and cleared quickly to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.